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Roofing Solutions


We recommend the most high quality products available in India to our customers. These roofing products are the most highly reliable roofing sheets made from high anti corrosion coating which will help the metal sheets last really long.

Structural Products


Iron and Steel Structural products form our core strength.

Water Proofing Solution


A new home is a cherished dream for all home buyers, and therefore proactive measures should be taken towards mitigating risks such as damages incurred due to water leakage. Several factors may lead in faulty construction, out of which improper waterproofing can lead to severe problems even in the new structures. As the widely known phrase correctly states, “A stitch in time saves nine”. Any proactive effort towards risk mitigation initiatives such as waterproofing through the usage of quality materials and expert worksmanship could prevent pain concerning repairs and damage control later.

It is critical to use quality waterproofing products, solutions and services for the construction of new homes and offices. One of the main concerns many people face while undertaking construction is finding the right guide as a checklist to help get waterproofing done correctly. There is a need for people to know the answers to the following questions as Why, Where and How of Waterproofing – and ensure a leak-free home for one’s family. Dr. Fixit waterproofing has the answers coupled with some of the best methods to waterproof a new structure

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