Tata Rainbow plus roofing sheet

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We are one of the major TATA roofing sheet dealers in Thrissur that supply tata rainbow plus roofing sheets. The TBSL roofing sheets come as a premium roofing product soon after the taking over of Bhushan steel by TATA. We provide products with unmatched quality through all these years. So, we can proudly say that Thettayil earned the title of one of the best roofing sheet dealers in Thrissur. TATA roofing sheets come with a superior strength of more than 550 mpa tensile strength. They have excellent anti-corrosion properties with Alu-Zinc coating of 70 GSN, and superior paint technology. Altogether make the TATA roofing sheet, the best.

Thettayil established a strong name in the market since its introduction. Broadly acclaimed products with high performance and low maintanance cost, is our speciality. We work as a team of skilled as well as experienced professionals. Thettayil working toward the technologically updated manufacturing of methods of high-quality roofing works. This teamwork enables us to earn a strong bond with the customers and their trust is our real testimonial. As stated earlier, our product design is synced with modern technology. Our products are widely utilized in huge buildings, power plant buildings, and public used constructions like waiting sheds or bus stations, etc. We are striving to be the number one distributor of Tata Roofing sheets out of Thrissur too. We believe in the dominion of the latest technology that repeatedly ensures the quality of our products.

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