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JSW Roofing sheet - Thettayil Group

JSW is the premium branded and best quality roofing sheets. We are one of the authorized JSW roofing sheet dealers in Thrissur. The genuine sheets from JSW, color, or Pragati come with a special non-erasable liner marking to ensure that the product is original and high-quality. JSW is a perfect combination of lightweight and super strength, that makes it easy to transport, hence virtually maintenance-free. Because of its outstanding quality, less-maintenance, durability, and anti-corrosive nature it’s one of the most demanding products in the industry. Thettayil has an excellent record of dealing with only the best quality materials and it’s no wonder that we become the number one choice for the people in Thrissur.

The roofing sheet dealers in Thrissur prefer JSW for certain key features of it, such as;  
  • The superior strengths of more than 550 mph tensile strength as it is made of pure steel.
  • Excellent anti-corrosion properties with Alu Zinc coating of 70 GSM and 150 GSM.
  • The first-ever licensee of galvalume in India.
  • JSW is ISI certified, which shows the quality and competitivity of the same with other world-class brands.
  • Superior paint technology.
  • Withstands all kinds of weather, be it heavy rain, salty sea air, extremely humid conditions, or heavy snow.
  • JSW undergoes more than 20 stringent quality tests to ensure that customers receive only the best.
  • JSW uses advanced technology for manufacturing the sheets.
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